What are Casual Dining Restaurants doing to Attract more Customers?

More and more often I see restaurants offering menus where 2 can eat for the price of 1, free appetizer or dessert coupons on slower nights of the week, as well as the ever popular, “kids eat free” with purchase of an adult entrée.  What is more important, quality or quantity?  I think the consumer has answered that, which is one of the reasons many restaurants are in this predicament.  Many restaurants cut portions, lowered quality and raised prices only to find that restaurant goers would have none of this.  Now with the uncertain economy, a consumer has to know they are getting a quality meal with good service for a quality price before they patronize an establishment.  You can offer all the $20 meals for 2 you want, but to get repeat business, you need to give the customer a reason to come back… a great dining experience and great value for the money.

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